• Mission of Project
    This framework was thought of to create an automated way of building j2ee n-tier websites. To integrate existing j2ee open source projects, standards, and best practices. Specifically, for leveraging Apache Jakarta applications and modules into business applications.

    Is anybody tired of copy & pasting code and design patterns over and over? I sure am, and that's the purpose behind this project. To get ride of it, but at the same time, give you the power and flexibility of coding software by hand.

    I've been debating over the last 6 months on whether or not to do this, and time has finally come to put my thoughts into actions.

  • Blue Print Click Here for a j2ee blueprint of what this project aims to cover.

  • Participating Interested in participating ? Mail cbroussard@liquiddatainc.com.

  • Licensing This product will be licensed under the MIT license Free for all who want to use it.

  • How? To learn more about what I plan on doing, click here

  • Current State of the Project? as of May 30, 2003. The Project is currently at Milestone 4 Alpha early access. If you're interested in receiving the source, you will need to contact cbroussard@liquiddatainc.com
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