• How do you plan on automating this? Components Needed 1) Database Schema of a Table 2) XML schemas of components you wish to automate. 3) Templated java files. run the configuration file through the automation engine and out spits the framework source code.
    Brief Design Explanation of Automation Tool: 1) will use jaxb to persist & unpersist xml configuration files, 2) pass those objects into parsers 3) include in any templated java source files... and out spits java src files. Example of Automation Layers: 1) HTML -> creates the Html/Struts Taglets 2) ACTION FORM -> Struts Action Form Object 3) ACTION Class -> Struts Action Class. 4) DTO Object -> Data Tranfer Object - Object that is wrapped inside Form and passed through system to data persistance layer 5) Delegation Method 6) Persistance Bridge Layer 7) BMP - ejb persistance object 8) POJO - CRUD - create, read, update, delete objects
    milestone document